Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Parties

Sole Hope header Hosting a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party is not only fun & easy, but it is for an amazing cause. Every single piece of fabric you cut with clothe the feet of children and will protect them from jigger infestations. It will provide jobs for a woman in Uganda who sew the shoes. It will change her family’s life and give her pride in her skill and workmanship and provide income to care for her family. Want to see what a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party looks like? Click on the links & photos below for ideas. Order your shoe kit and host a party!

Give Today
Give Today
Take the Cannoli
Carmylee Photography
Our Reflection
The Hollie Rogue
My Redburn Journal
My Redburn Journal
Carissa’s Conscientious Consumer
Fancy Little Things Sole Hope Project (5 Shoe Cutting Parties!) UnexpectedSoleHope1-1024x576

8 thoughts on “Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Parties

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    • Hi Lisa – That’s great news that you may hold a shoe cutting party! 10 is a great party size. There are two different fabrics needed, one for the inside, one for the outside: typically denim (it is a good sturdy weight and can easily upcycle old jeans) and cotton fabric (such as cotton used for quilting). The booklet that comes with the kit explains all the details you will need for your party, but feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

  2. I would like to host a party in June but I’m unsure of my first step. How far in advance should I order the kit? Since I’m not sure how many people will attend, should I invite first and get an RSVP count or should I order the kit first so it has plenty of time to arrive? If I order a kit for 10 but have more people, can I get another get pretty easily? Thanks for your help!

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  6. I am a second grade teacher at an PYP IB International World School. I would love to know more about how to have a shoe cutting party in order to combine with the learning of our students and the way to show empathy while giving back to others. could you please point me in the right direction on this. thanks Ron

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