Making dreams a reality

Speaking of Al Andrews,the guy who is actually doing what I am just dreaming about, let’s all buy his children’s book, The Boy, The Kite & the Wind. And it get rave reviews:

Al Andrews lifts our spirits just like the red kite he writes about in this simple, timeless story even as he reveals the loss of innocence. The Boy, The Kite, and the Wind has a deeply provocative message that we can share with every child and throughout each season of our life. With its beautiful and moving illustrations you may discover your deepest longings, dashed dreams and hope upon hope. You will reconsider the joys of living a life that’s a little bit dangerous but full of possibilities. It is worth reading again and again. –Chris Hilicki, Psychotherapist and Founder of Dalmatian Press, a national children’s book publisher

But the best part is that the author is giving away 100% of the net profits! None of this 10% of proceeds are going to charity. 100%!!

(Click on the image to purchase the book. Or buy it on Amazon.)

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