Need Father’s Day gift ideas? Buy him a goat!

Looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift idea? Here’s a hint, he doesn’t need or want another tie. Why not give a gift of compassion in his honor? Compassion International offers a gift catalog where you can select medical supplies, income-producing supplies, and even soccer balls and playgrounds to put a smile on the young faces.

Malaria, which kills nearly 1 million people every year, is transmitted exclusively by mosquitos. Your gift will help give children and their families countless nights of mosquito-free sleep with an insecticide-treated bed net. They will also receive education about ways to prevent the breeding areas where mosquitos thrive.  Compassion International

Other items in their catalog? Vaccinations for $25. A goat for $45. Child Survival (pre-natal and baby care) for $50. A small business launch for moms for $100.

As part of the gift-giving process, they even give you an electronic version of a card that you can print or email to the recipient. My skeptical friends, I bet you’re thinking that the gift never even makes it to the child in need. Check out the impact of Compassion International’s 2011 Gifts of Compassion.

All my husband asked for this Father’s Day was a chance to sleep in before heading to church. In his honor, he will also receive, or really give, vaccinations to children in need.

3 thoughts on “Need Father’s Day gift ideas? Buy him a goat!

  1. We gave our guy a chicken and some garden seeds via Compassion. The kids enjoyed it (mostly…after getting over the idea of needing something to wrap ;), hopefully learned something, and I have less unnecessary junk in my house…WIN!! Thanks for the great blog posts!

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