Help two young sisters raise money for orphans…only $1700 to go!

So remember when you were 6 years old? Yeah, me neither. Wait, I remember one thing from when I was 6 – I set a new swimming record at our local pool. It was quickly broken a year later, but this still remains a highlight of my life. I like to think I peaked early.

But you know what I wasn’t doing when I was 6? Thinking about other people. Let alone actively selling crafts online to raise money for orphans. Two sisters, daughters of a friend of mine, are doing just that. They started by saving money in a jar in order to purchase something through the World Vision catalog. Their hearts fell on donating a safe home for orphans, and set out to save/earn the $5100 price tag. $5100! I think if you asked me how much $5100 was when I was 6, I think I would have told you that was the cost of a bag of jelly beans.

After brainstorming and praying about ways to raise money, they launched Heart & Felt this past Christmas to sell their handmade felt ornaments online. They even made felt hearts for Valentines day.

They are currently about $1700 away from reaching their goal. They made over $3300!

I can’t get over their selflessness! Most adults don’t go to this effort to make money just to give it away! (The exception that comes to mind is Al Andrews. Did you buy his book yet? Go do that…)

Their amazing mom, Andrea, a sewing superstar, just launched Go To Patterns. Her signature dress pattern is only $10. It is for 12 months -12 years, with tons of sleeve, length, and waist options. And the best part? The proceeds from the first 100 patterns sold goes to her daughters’ orphanage fund!

How can you help?

Go to Heart & Felt and make a donation. (Seriously, if you passed these amazing girls selling brownies in your neighborhood, you would totally drop $1. Why not just go online, donate that $1 – or more! – and open a pack of Oreos at home.)

Purchase a pattern from Go To Patterns and get sewing. Who knows, maybe you could even sew a dress for a child in need with that pattern?

Pass it on!

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