Pillowcase dresses: Philanthropy + service + sewing!

I had the joy of meeting Maggie Holly last night at Sew Easy, where a number of volunteers gathered to help create pillowcase dresses. Her story is so inspiring.

Holly, who had learned how to sew at Needham store Sew Easy at age 6, decided to go on the [Dominican Republic Medical Mission] trip, and started making pillowcase dresses to bring to the Dominican children. Soon the Sew Easy staff got involved. The project that emerged combines philanthropy and community bonding with crafts, harkening back to the bygone days of the sewing circle. Sew Easy staff members helped Holly make pillowcase dresses in advance of her trip—she went from June 16 until June 23—and are planning a weekly volunteer night starting in July when Needham residents can stop by Sew Easy and help make the pillowcase dresses for future trips to the Dominican Republic.

Read more: Sew Easy in Needham helps with charity project – Needham Times

The pillowcase dresses are not only affordable and easy to make, but they are perfect for the recipient because they can first be worn as a dress, and then turn into a shirt as they grow. And get this – not only did she find a store in Maine where she could negotiate the price and purchase in mass amounts. But she also asked a local dental practice to donate toothbrushes. And she also knit dolls to give to the girls. Amazing!

The Pillowcase Dress. What a perfect gift: it fulfills a need (not just a want), it is thoughtful, and of course, it is absolutely adorable!

Cutting the pillowcases. Every bit of fabric was used. And by the way, when I think of pillowcases, I imagine something bland. But Maggie found the cutest fabrics for the girls’ dresses!

Click the image below to read Maggie’s description of her Dominican Republic Medical Missions trip.

So what can you do?

Email me (givetodayblog@gmail.com) and I’ll get you in touch with Maggie to see how you can donate money, supplies, etc.

Make a pillowcase dress for Maggie to distribute on her next medical missions trip to the Dominican Republic (she has a pattern to use for consistency).

Want to make it fun? Invite friends over to help make the dresses, giving each a different step as a job. Wine helps.

Know of another missions trip to an area of need? Contact them to see if these pillowcase dresses would be helpful as well as what other supplies they need.

Do you live in the Boston area? Volunteer to help make pillowcase dresses at Sew Easy in Needham. Contact them to find out the date and time.

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