A book and a lift

As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of Al Andrews and his steps to becoming a philanthropist. To raise money he wrote and published a book, The boy, the kite and the wind, and is giving away 100% of the net profits. Awesome.

The current project that is supported by the sales of his book is Thistle Farms. Thistle Farms is the social enterprise for women who have overcome prostitution, addiction and life on the streets, as part of the residential program Magdalene. They create natural bath and body products, the proceeds from which benefit them directly.

(Thistle Farms)

But the book proceeds benefit in a very specific, important way.

Thistle Farms has a need. In their manufacturing facility, the utility elevator has long been defunct. In fact, the elevator shaft has been covered with sheet rock. Currently, women must carry 50 lb boxes of product from one floor to another or push them around the building on carts.

A utility elevator would make a huge difference in their work environment, and increase productivity in their business. Ultimately, it is yet another way the lives of these women and their families can be impacted for the good.

Al Andrews, Improbable Philanthropy, Thistle Farms Project

What can you do?

Buy The boy, the kite and the wind and directly support buying the women of Thistle Farms a utility elevator lift. Buy a book, help buy an elevator!

Purchase items from Thistle Farms: body butters, hand-poured candle, lotions, gels – so many great products!

Read more about Thistle Farms.

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