Warby Parker + VisionSpring = Buy a pair, Give a pair of glasses (and local jobs!)

Follow my train of thought… While poking around online the other day, I fell in love with a pair of frames on Warby Parker, the brilliant, affordable, online-only eyeglass shop. See? So cute.

(source Warby Parker Preston Bellini)

But then I started thinking of all better ways to spend $95…

But then I noticed that Warby Parker has teamed up with VisionSpring to provide a pair of prescription eyeglasses to someone in need, with every purchase of glasses. Buy a pair, give a pair.

How do they do it? Warby Parker funds and/or gives glasses to their partners (such as VisionSpring), who then provide lenses and training to local entrepreneurs in developing countries to create and sell affordable glasses to those who otherwise would not have access or funds to purchase glasses. Want to know more about the VisionSpring model? Go here. They shout “free eye exams!” through the streets the day before VisionSpring arrives. I love that.

I clearly (no pun intended) remember the first time I put on a pair of glasses. I never realized how crisp and clear everything was supposed to be. So I want to support companies who are not only working together to provide this experience and need in developing countries, but empowering locals and providing jobs within the community.

(source Warby Parker VisionSpring stories)

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