Donate school supplies and other ways to help children

I stumbled across‘s blog, the aptly named Just Give Blog,  the other day. A blog after my own heart!

Looking for ways to help children? Check out their post, 50 Ways to Help Children, for some great ideas.

My favorites?

12. Create a “Back to School” day drive. Collect and/or purchase school supplies for children at shelters — pens, pencils, art supplies, notebooks, backpacks, lunch boxes, and the like — so they have what they need for their first day of school.

14. Volunteer to help a child in a shelter with their reading or math.

18. Become a pen pal to a child in the hospital.

39. Become a CASA volunteer. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) volunteers are assigned to research an abuse or neglect case. They make recommendations to the judge to help them make an informed decision.

The “Back to School” supplies idea is timely! As you load up on notebooks and pencils, consider buying a few extra to donate. Consider reaching out to a local homeless shelters to find out what is needed. Ask about the grades/ages of the children, if they are boys or girls, etc to help buy appropriate supplies.

You can even take it one step further and offer to help out with homework/tutoring for the kids to whom you’ve given school supplies!

A quick googling showed that there is Project Back to School for the Coalition for the Homeless in New York. Call their hotline 212-776-2112 or email for more information.

Staples is also holding a school supplies drive, Staples for Students, from July 1- Sept 15. Buy a few extra school supplies and drop them off in the store. The supplies are then distributed. Even a little bit helps. Share this with friends via Staples for Students page, and they will donate $1 for every share to go towards supplies for students in need.

Any gift, however big or small, is still a gift and is still a help.

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