Purposeful shopping: Indosole’s Soles with a Soul

I came across Brent Freeman’s (Roozt.com* founder) Inc.com article  featuring 5 companies that are changing the world for the better with their business and social change model. I highly recommend the article (read it here), but one company in particular really struck me was Indosole.

The materials used in Indosole products are consciously sourced from the islands of Indonesia. The footwear soles are derived from old motorbike tires, which are salvaged directly from landfills, sanitized, and then transformed into fashionable and functional footwear. Our workshops use crafting methods that are unique to Indosole. Each pair of sandals/shoes is hand-made with love and possess a charm which is synonymous with the Balinese craftspeople who create them.

via Indosole (Process)

Using native materials? Check.

Re-purposing tires that would otherwise sit in a landfill? Check.

Employing local Balinese artisans? Check.

And on top of it, the shoes are fashionable and functional. These marigold beauties are going on my wishlist…

Indosole Pantai Marigold*Roozt.com is an online shopping mecca featuring the products of entrepreneurs whose main focus is social responsibility. Want to shop with a purpose? Go here.

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