Start the conversation with kids

Teaching kids about giving can begin at the breakfast table.

What encouraged me, as a mother, was how important it is to the guys at Impact Foods that their granola be used to “start the conversation” about giving. We are responsible for teaching our children values and compassion. The benefits of purchasing Impact Foods granola can extend beyond the point of sale, and can carry through as you eat the yummy granola. We should use the opportunity of sitting around the breakfast table to talk to our children about hunger and the importance of giving. We can point to this very tangible product and talk about the children that are being fed as a result.

As parents, we are responsible for teaching our children values, boundaries, compassion, etc. One sermon illustration I so clearly remember focused on the self-centeredness of human nature. As the pastor said “no one had to teach my kids to hoard and fight over teddy grahams”. But the loving, thoughtful, compassionate qualities need to be honed and taught.

(yes, they use plastic Red Sox baseball hats for bowls…)

So, this morning, as the boys and I ate our yogurt, blueberries and (Impact Foods) granola, I started asking them questions. I started the conversation. Or at least tried to.

I asked them if they knew that there were a lot of people in this world that didn’t have food to eat. “Yes, mom, that’s why we bought that food the other day to give away.” Yay!

I asked them how they would feel if they woke up and didn’t have any food for breakfast. “You could just go to the store.” But then I had to explain it is a blessing to be able to go to the store and buy food. And so on.

Then I told the boys about how the folks at Impact Foods feed a child every time we buy a bag of granola. To which they replied “Then let’s buy lots and lots and lots of this granola!” I couldn’t agree more.

It should not go unmentioned that the granola is delicious! The boys all had seconds. Which is sadly ironic. We were happily indulging while talking about malnourished children. All the more reason I am thankful for what the folks at Impact Foods are doing.

Want to start the conversation? And feed a malnourished child (not to mention your own) every time you buy a bag of granola?

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