Handing out hearts at Children’s Hospital

Last week, I had to take one of my boys’ to Children’s Hospital for a follow-up. He is healthy and fine. And for this I am so grateful. My heart breaks every time I visit Children’s and see so many kids battling severe illnesses.

The moment we walked through the doors, I wished I had thought ahead and brought balloons for us to hand out, or color books, or anything. I wished I had planned time with a department so my son could go play with some children. I wished I hadn’t been so caught up in the busy-ness of our day, and being so focused on why we were there, and had done something for the other children.

So I opened my purse, remembering that I often stash Hide & Seek hearts* in there, so we can deposit them wherever we go. But I thought it might be unsafe for us to start hiding things in the hospital. I could just imagine security thinking it was some crazy bomb.

Instead, Wes hung out in the lobby, looking for kids to hand the hearts out to.

While watching the rolling ball exhibit, he saw a boy in a wheelchair. He looked at me and asked if it was okay to give him one. I nudged him a little and off he went. The boy smiled and opened it quickly. It was so sweet to watch someone open it! But we quickly moved on because Wes found another boy in a wheelchair to hand a heart to. Selfishly, it was so special to watch my son get so much joy from handing these out.

All I can hope is that this small gift brightened their day. It’s nothing big. It was made and delivered by a child. But I’m just hoping that they keep it as a reminder that they are loved.

*What the heck is a Hide & Seek heart? Check out this, this and this.


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