Sole Hope 1st annual Heart & Sole Walkathon

The amazing folks at Sole Hope asked all of the Ambassadors to help organize their first Heart and Sole Walkathon on the same day, in our respective hometowns.

I immediately felt overwhelmed. There’s no way. I’ve never planned a walkathon before. I can’t do that. No way. No one will come. Where would I do it. No way. But I knew I had to do it. Or that I should do it. That raising money and awareness for Sole Hope was more important than all of my fears and doubts.

Hiking trail selected. Friends invited. T-shirts bought. Labels printed. Foot-shaped cookies made. Trail mix packaged. Water bottled labeled. Banner ordered.

And God was so good to hold off the thunderstorms and give us a beautiful 75 degree New England foliage-filled day.

He filled the walk with friends and laughs. It even turned into a run as we (unsuccessfully) attempted to keep up with the kids.

He brought strangers to our table, in the middle of their hikes, and let us talk to them about Sole Hope (while nourishing them with water and treats).

After a day filled with the busy-ness of life (soccer and a birthday party before and after) it would’ve been easy to bail on doing the walkathon. But I’m so glad we didn’t. Life is about showing up, and I’m so grateful for the friends who showed up and gave of their time and love.

My hope is that all involved –

those who walked,

those who gave,

those who prayed,

those who will go to Uganda with the funds raised,

and most importantly, the lives in Uganda that will be changed as a result

– will all be blessed.

We walked for those who can’t because of jiggers. We walked for those who will walk again thanks to the medical help and shoes from Sole Hope.

Consider giving to Sole Hope.

One thought on “Sole Hope 1st annual Heart & Sole Walkathon

  1. I’m in next year Ginger, if you do it again. I love this organization and look forward to being a part of what you’re doing. Wendy

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