The giving hearts of 5 year olds

My 5 year olds are really sweet. Wild, but loving and thoughtful boys.

We’ve done a few giving activities together (like this, this and this). So I was touched when one came to me with a leftover cardboard box, saying he wanted a bow to put on top so he could give it to his 8 year old cousin for Christmas. I asked him what was inside. A large silver ribbon bow that he been cut off of a Christmas gift the day prior. And an empty Tic Tac container.

He said the bow would look pretty in her hair.

And he liked that the container still smelled like the strawberry candies that had been inside.

God bless my sweet niece for smiling and thanking him when she opened this gift. A gift that others might think was trash.

Today, the same sweet boy came to me with another leftover cardboard box. He had stuffed it with an old toy cheerleading pom pom, telling me he was going to give it to his great-grandma this weekend at her surprise 90th birthday party. He wanted to make sure he had a gift for her, one that she would like. He even went into the basement, picked out the prettiest wrapping paper, wrapped it up and put a bow on it. Melts my heart.

A gift from a 5 year old

Amazed by his giving heart!

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