One Million Lights, impacting lives globally & locally

One Million Lights

The need for clean, safe lighting in impoverished areas is urgent. The rural poor are the largest users of kerosene, often walking great distances to purchase it. Although solar lighting seems like an obvious solution, people lacking electricity have been unable to transition from kerosene due to high up-front costs. Those living on less than a dollar a day simply cannot afford a light for $20-$50. Our lights help families shift wasteful kerosene cost to productive investments in education, nutrition, and healthcare.

Why Light? One Million Lights

One Million Lights philippines

Part of being willing to give to others is the realizing and appreciating all that we take for granted. It takes thinking less about ourselves and more about others. And that’s the reason I’m so inspired by One Million Lights. They are not only distributing solar lights to those in need, but is doing so without disturbing the established norms. They are giving kids a chance to read at night, something we take for granted, but has a snowball effect on education and its benefits.

One Million Lights argentina

One Million Lights is also committed to impacting local (US) youth with school programs that highlight our abundance and need to love and help others globally. Take a look at some K-12 schools and how they are collecting donations for solar lights in different underdeveloped nations (here).

Want to give money?

$15 will provide one solar-powered lantern for a family. Donate here!

Want to give time & love?

Become a Light Ambassador. Light Ambassadors get to hand deliver the lights!

Through our donor-meets-recipients model, One Million Lights brings you an opportunity to be on the ground in a developing region. Our Ambassadors personally hand individuals the gift of rechargeable, environmentally friendly, solar lights to improve their living conditions and reduce the use of harmful lighting alternatives.

Light Ambassadors, One Million Lights

Want to learn more? Everything you need to know about the Light Ambassador application process can be found here. How great would it be to go as a family and hand out lights. Now I just need to wait a few years until the boys get a little older…

One Million Lights kenya  
Psst, I have more posts about Non-profits…have a look!


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