Giving during Lent

During lent, we prepare our hearts for Easter. It was common during my childhood to give something up for the duration of lent. But for me, it was half-hearted and often lasted only a few days. I never made the connection as to what giving up chocolate had to do with Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This year, I’m switching it up. Apparently when I have to make a sacrifice and give something up, it makes me focus on what I’m missing out on all the more. (What a great personality trait…) But if I sacrifice time & money and give to others, it will allow me to focus on what truly matters. It’s God’s money, not mine. To love my neighbor. My gratitude for Jesus. Each denomination has different traditions, so do what allows you to focus on the true meaning of Easter.

Giving to Someone Lent

For more information about some of these giving ideas…

Host a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party

Birthday Wishes birthday box

Make a bracelet or pouch for the She’s Worth It Campaign

Collect medical supplies for Sole Hope

What other ways can we give during lent? Share your ideas in the comments!

Psst…I have more posts about my faith. Take a look!


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