Easy Bracelet Tutorial for She’s Worth It

Remember how my friend Andrea (from TheTrainToCrazy) is not only raising money for women & girls rescued from human trafficking, but is also making bracelets and zippered pouches as a gift, as a way to show love and support? (Read more about the cause here.)

You are invited to help! Even if it is one bracelet or pouch or twenty, anything helps. Everything matters. Make because She’s Worth It!

Don’t know where to begin? Here is a super easy bracelet. You just have to wrap, cut and tie! Kids can easily help with this project. It is a great opportunity to start the conversation about giving to others.


Easy DIY Bracelet Step 1      Easy DIY Bracelet Step 2

Supplies: Thread (pick any combination of colors you like), a charm (I chose a heart so the recipient would be reminded of how much they are loved and valued), and a bracelet (found this at Joann’s in the jewelery supply section). To start, just tie the thread around one corner and start wrapping!

Easy DIY Bracelet Step 3  Easy DIY Bracelet Step 4

When you want to switch to the next color, just snip the first color, tie the two threads together, then snip the ends shorter. Keep wrapping and tuck the cut ends so you are now wrapping the second color over top of them. Do this whenever you want to switch thread colors.

Easy DIY Bracelet Step 5 Easy DIY Bracelet Step 6

When you get halfway, snip the thread (I kept mine long since I wanted to continue the yellow), put the charm on and keep wrapping. Tie off the thread when you get to the end. I made about 3-4 knots just to make sure it wouldn’t come undone. Cut the thread and you’re done!

Easy DIY Bracelet Step 8

Where do you send your completed bracelets? Email thetraintocrazy (at) gmail (dot) com for more information. She will send you details, including the address to mail you completed projects. Andrea will collect the bracelets and pouches and will mail them to She’s Worth It. Some will be hand-delivered in Cambodia in May, and the rest will be distributed by other organizations in partnership by She’s Worth It.

Don’t want to make anything? Please consider giving to the She’s Worth It Campaign!

Click the Donate button below to support this great cause.

Online fundraising for Team MAKE raising money for She's Worth It!

(Your online donations are secure and safe. They are also tax-deductible.)

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