Give with Purpose: Free online Philanthropy course starts today!


The Learning by Giving Foundation is offering a free online course for Philanthropy called Give with Purpose. And the best part? As part of the class, and you have the opportunity to distribute Doris Buffett’s (Warren’s sister) foundation money. Get it? Learn by Giving. Genius & generous!

But before you do anything, know the course starts today, July 15!

Go sign up!

Curious to learn more about the course and what Guest Speakers Cal Ripken Jr. and Ben & Jerry will discuss? Check it out here.

And best of all, the course has “Learner” and “Giver” tracks. If you’re on the Giver track, you nominate a non-profit that will compete for the foundation’s grant money. Once I realized Sole Hope would not be eligible (outside the US, beyond 50 miles from my zip code, etc) and looked at my time commitment, the Learner track is definitely best for me. As an aside, I appreciate the fact that the giving requirements focus on investing in people and communities in the US.

Friends, who’s with me??

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