Going to Influence…

Many of you know I’m headed to the Influence Conference in Indy in just two week. Two weeks! Did you all just feel my blood pressure rise? Not out of nerves, but because I have So. Much. To. Do. I’m overwhelmingly grateful that I get to sell my Ginger Lane foldover clutches at the Sashes Market at the conference. Folks, this Ginger Lane business started with lots of prayers and God working through a stranger at a concert. And here I am, sewing and sewing and sewing to get the bags ready for these amazing women at the Influence Conference.

What am I bringing?

1A courageous & fearless spirit. My inner introvert is questioning why I’m going to a conference, by myself, where I know no one. But I feel like I know you all. You are my people. And I apologize now when I can’t remember names and blogs and previous conversations we’ve had. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I can’t even remember what I had for lunch.

2 Lots of these…


What am I looking forward to?

1The Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party kickoff! As a Sole Hope Ambassador, I’m out of my mind excited for this. Not only do I get to finally meet a few fellow Sole Hope-rs, but we get to share our passion with everyone from Influence. So excited.

2Connecting. Connecting with people I’ve only “met” online, yet I already know their hearts. My sisters in Christ. In a worldly sense they are strangers, but in The Body, they are sisters. Now I just can’t wait to finally, properly meet them. And if you’re worried that you won’t know anyone and you’re nervous and scared, I’ll tell you right now that I will notice and I will befriend you.

I can’t wait. Influence friends, here’s how to find me. Though I won’t be handing out waters & cookies. (Wouldn’t it be great if I were?)


9 thoughts on “Going to Influence…

  1. You sound like me; I read your first point and realized I couldn’t even remember if I had even HAD lunch today. Ha! I felt similarly last year about being so introverted and not really knowing anyone IRL but knowing quite a few women online. And it was an amazing experience! Just dive right in (I know it’s scary!) and you will be just fine :]

    I’m excited to see you there, Ginger, and hear all about Sole Hope!

  2. Super excited to meet you and see your lovely bags! I’m also looking forward to the Sole Hope shoe cutting party! I’m only an hour from Asheville and have always wanted to learn more. I know you don’t have to be close to be involved, but somehow being so close to one of the headquarters makes me feel like I should do more!

  3. Hi Ginger! Just wanted to say Hi, nice to meet you…checking out all the ladies on the Influence link-up…and, so you know, I’ve discovered there will be quite a lot of introverts there (the blogging/online social world is good for us!?). I’m super excited about the Sole Hope fun that’ll be happening Thurs PM. 🙂

    @lisavdesigner on Twitter/Instagram

  4. sister… you are one of the ones i CANNOT wait to just gush over lol i keep wondering what the heck i’m going to say to all the women i’ll meet, but you and i have a history and i believe we met for a great reason. i’m super excited to finally see your sweet face and praise God for putting us on this path! xoxo

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