“Let me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me”

Having just returned from The Influence Conference, my soul is nourished, my heart is lifted. A conference based on building community, ironically, I didn’t know anyone going into it. Anyone in “real life”. But that quickly changed.

It was beautiful. Beautiful how souls were shared. Hugs were given. Prayers were said. Hearts were lifted.

<<<  >>>

A few of the many ways my heart was healed, my soul was encouraged…

The lies we hear from the world and let ourselves believe: your voice is worthless, nobody loves you, you are not seen, your gifts aren’t as good as others, that value is determined by someone other than God. Lies! Jesus is enough. We are so loved.

God did not give us gifts, just to take them away.

Fill the unknown with faith, not fear.

Don’t invent enemies.

My dream, my gifts, are a gift from God. I am a Steward of a Dream. To use. To pursue. If I let fear & lies take over so I don’t follow it, I’m being unfaithful. Believe this, friends. Don’t be idle and let your dreams fade.

God doesn’t say “follow your dreams”. He says Follow Me. Align your dreams with God’s will, God’s plan. It’s not about how many followers I have. It’s about me following God’s will.

Sole Hope Party at InfluenceOver 250 women tracing & cutting shoe patterns for Sole Hope the first night.

Ginger Lane at Influence ConferenceMy Ginger Lane clutches in the Market. I set out notecards & pens for people to write encouraging notes to the girl we sponsor through Compassion. Child sponsorship is at the core of the Ginger Lane Mission. I can’t wait to send the notes to our child!  Ginger Lane photoshootOne of the highlights of the weekend was the photoshoot for my Ginger Lane products.

Ginger Lane photoshootMegan photographed, Kristin & Brittany generously agreed to model. I am giddy & encouraged & blessed.

Influence sistersThe other highlight? These amazing women. My sisters in Christ. From the left, Rachel, me, Kathleen, Jennifer, Jenny, Amanda, Whitney, Lena, Tawny, & Katie.

SunriseThe gift of taking a 6am flight home was viewing the sunrise from the sky. My Spirit worships while viewing God’s natural creation. I kept thinking about how He created all of this. All of us. And imagining all of the people below and how He knows and loves each of us individually. That Jesus died on the cross for each of us, individually.

I am home: refreshed, challenged, overwhelmed, encouraged. With Hillsong’s “Oceans” on repeat in my heart from our worship:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior”

15 thoughts on ““Let me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me”

  1. I loved Lara Casey’s point about following God, not your dreams. I think that’s something that’s not said often enough in the Christian community!

  2. finally getting to see you and hug you and screech with you was an amazing moment in that weekend. i knew you as soon as i saw you.. i knew you by heart!

    thank you for being one of the most encouraging and beautiful women i am blessed to call a friend. and seriously, thank you again for the clutch! too much sister.. you’re just too much.


  3. i love every bit of this. yes to it all! God has begun such a huge work in my life from the weekend, and i love seeing what He did in others.
    it was SO wonderful to have met you! so happy for this new friendship 🙂

  4. “My dream, my gifts, are a gift from God. I am a Steward of a Dream. To use. To pursue. If I let fear & lies take over so I don’t follow it, I’m being unfaithful.”

    These are good, wise, convicting words, my friend. Thank you for those!

  5. Ginger! Thank you for this post! I was so encouraged by your mission! Persevere sister! I’m excited to see where God leads me since meeting you and your giving heart. He is stirring inside of me.

  6. I was there and I can tell by this post and your amazing site, I would have loved to have met you! But now that I’ve discovered this blog, I will follow along — I love what you’re doing here!

  7. I can’t stop listening to that song…even a month later. Thanks for sharing your post. I wrote a note to the girl you are sponsoring- such an amazing gift!

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