Ways to Become a Great Giver

I was completely inspired by Pastor Bryan Wilkerson at Grace Chapel (watch it here). You know you love giving when a sermon on the topic makes you giddy…

Ready to give? Check out these great organizations…


A resolution for the new year…

Looking for a goal for 2013?
Let your light shine
I was taken by the experience of watching each candle ignite one by one during our church’s Christmas Eve candlelight service. It was the perfect visual of one person sharing their faith with another, who then passed it along and shared it with another, and so on.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
John 8:12

Surrounded by 5 year olds, it is fitting that my goal for 2013 comes from a children’s song. “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.”

Give freely, give cheerfully

A cheerful giver

Don’t give because you feel you have to.

Don’t give because everyone else is doing it.

Don’t give because it gets you a tax write-off.

Give because you want to.

Give because you’re grateful.

Give because you want to love and care for a friend or stranger.

Give because God has given us the greatest gift.

How to love your neighbor

The downside to being a visual learner/communicator is that my other senses are pretty inept. I can carry a conversation, but please don’t be mad when I can’t remember a word that was said (5 year old triplets could also be to blame for this).  Or that I need to draw out on a spare napkin what I am trying to communicate. And please don’t ever ask me to do anything with my left hand. It will hang their limp and confused.

So I need to have visual reminders for all that is important. To-do lists, idea books, and most of all, scripture. These scripture reminders help reset my mindset and priorities. More to come. Enjoy!

Need Father’s Day gift ideas? Buy him a goat!

Looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift idea? Here’s a hint, he doesn’t need or want another tie. Why not give a gift of compassion in his honor? Compassion International offers a gift catalog where you can select medical supplies, income-producing supplies, and even soccer balls and playgrounds to put a smile on the young faces.

Malaria, which kills nearly 1 million people every year, is transmitted exclusively by mosquitos. Your gift will help give children and their families countless nights of mosquito-free sleep with an insecticide-treated bed net. They will also receive education about ways to prevent the breeding areas where mosquitos thrive.  Compassion International

Other items in their catalog? Vaccinations for $25. A goat for $45. Child Survival (pre-natal and baby care) for $50. A small business launch for moms for $100.

As part of the gift-giving process, they even give you an electronic version of a card that you can print or email to the recipient. My skeptical friends, I bet you’re thinking that the gift never even makes it to the child in need. Check out the impact of Compassion International’s 2011 Gifts of Compassion.

All my husband asked for this Father’s Day was a chance to sleep in before heading to church. In his honor, he will also receive, or really give, vaccinations to children in need.

$57 (Survive to Five)

A marble. Why a four year old thinks it is a good idea to swallow this shiny round object, I’ll never know. But one of my sweet sons decided to do just this today. (I’m still waiting for common sense to kick in.) So what did I do? Called the doctor. Just like that, I had immediate access to free advise from well-educated medical professionals.

Hello first world problems.

Reading and hearing about the need for Survive to Five, reminds me how blessed we are. Since the boys’ birth, there have been countless doctor appointments, vaccinations, antibiotics, ultrasounds, and even a surgery. Not to mention all the phone calls about everyday issues like the marble swallowing and the time one of them picked up an owl’s head he found in the yard. Seriously. I’m very thankful we have easy and inexpensive access to health care.

What is World Vision’s Survive to Five Challenge?

For children in the developing world, the first five years are the most deadly, and if a child lives past five, their chances of survival increase dramatically. There are a few basic reasons why children die of preventable causes, and there are simple solutions to prevent those causes. The Survive to Five Challenge is World Vision’s focused, high-impact way to give children every chance for survival. Because of World Vision’s long history of expertise in helping to save children’s lives, we’ve been awarded grants that will triple the power of all donations to this crucial challenge. Join the Challenge in the effort to help save 156,000 children from preventable deaths in the next year.

(from their website)

These children die of preventable causes. Preventable.

If you give $57, the money is tripled to $171 (thanks to government grants) and you help save 9 children. Your money will be tripled thanks to government grants and will go towards vaccinations, vitamin A, mosquito nets, therapeutic foods. (See the Survive to Five page for a long list of how the donation is used.)

Your contribution of any amount will save lives. Consider giving today.