No, not praise for me or for this site. Praise for GIVING! What happens after you give? Great things! Below are a few stories that we previously shared, and the impact of generous giving.

Heart and Felt: FUNDED! Read all about the journey of two young sisters to buy a home for orphans here.

So they did it. They earned $5,100 in 12 months to buy a home for orphans to live in so they won’t have to live on the street or get rained on through inadequate housing.

But my kids aren’t spectacular. They aren’t unusually nice or kind. They are average kids who had a big idea that didn’t get shut down or shrunk. It was difficult and at times I wished we hadn’t started. But I’m glad it wasn’t easy. I’m glad they felt like they had to sacrifice something.




Fancy Little Things Sole Hope Project: Over 100 pairs of shoes cut, across 8+ cities, with over 50 attendees – in just 4 weeks! Read all about their Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Parties here.




Thistle Farms: FUNDED! Al Andrews generously donated the profits of his book, The Boy, the Kite and the Wind, to repair the elevator lift for Thistle Farms.

As of July 22 The Lift Project was completely funded! Thanks to all of the generous folks at Cross Point Church in Nashville for putting us over the top by purchasing 1100 books on Sunday!

Al Andrews Thistle Farms



2 Cor 9:11 scripture

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