Once Was Lost {Funding Adoptions}

Once Was Lost is a non-profit that is overflowing with love and compassion, not to mention a generous and brilliant fundraising model. Families looking to raise money for their adoption processes apply to become affiliate. Then when you and I make purchases through the Once Was Lost shop, 50% of the sale will go directly to the affiliate family of our choice! And on top of it, for every $25 you spend you will also being feeding a hungry child for a week.

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Once Was Lost was created as we were trying to raise money for our own adoption and we were noticing a lack of adoption fundraising opportunities for Canadians. We knew that we wanted to help others raise support for their adoptions and after some brainstorming Once Was Lost was born.

We are currently helping Canadian and American families fundraise for their adoptions but have dreams of expanding in the future.

{About Once Was Lost}

Start by putting a name and face with the cause. Read these beautiful adoption stories here.

Then shop! 50% of designated sales will go to an affiliate family. If you have the name of an affiliate, write it in the Notes to Seller box when you check out. Check out some products you can find in their online store

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Want to learn about more ways you can help others by Shopping with Your Heart?

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Drink coffee, Give clean water {Three Avocados Coffee}

Three Avocados, letsgivetoday.com

Three Avocados

With almost 1 Billion people worldwide lacking access to clean, safe, drinking water, our primary goal at Three Avocados is to provide funding for clean water projects. 100% of the net proceeds from Three Avocados coffee provide clean water in Uganda, Africa. In addition to saving thousands of lives, clean water has the power to provide hope.

from ThreeAvocados.org

Net proceeds from Three Avocados that goes towards clean water? 100%

Total lives impacted so far? 16,318


Why clean water wells?

  • 1 Billion people lack access to clean water.
  • 63 children die in Uganda each day from lack of clean water.
  • A four mile walk to water.
  • Water is hope.

Read more about it: Three Avocados Why Water?

That statistic about 63 children dying every single day in Uganda breaks my heart. These are the same children we are trying to protect from jiggers through Sole Hope. Heartbreaking. But we can help!

How do they provide clean water? Each month, Three Avocados sponsors and builds a new well. (Here is a full list for 2012.) The December 2012 water project was for Aradyang:

Three Avocados Apolika

Aradyang is located in the Apac District of Uganda. This well now provides clean water to approximately 1,164 adults and children. The previous water source was a borehole (well), almost 2 miles away. This new water source now provides clean drinking water in their village, allowing more time for children to attend school!

Three Avocados Water Projects 2012

How you can help?  Shop Three Avocados Coffee!

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Shoe cutting parties for Sole Hope – organize one today!

Who knew God could speak to me through Twitter. No, it didn’t read: @letsgivetoday check out @solehope, love God #seriously,listentomethistime.

It was in the form of a tweet from a friend of a friend about a shoe cutting party for Sole Hope. A what? Literally, a party where you cut fabric for shoes for women in Africa to sew for children. My heart melted and I knew organizing one of these parties was in my near future. Want to see what one looks like? Check out Take the Cannoli‘s shoe cutting party!

What is Sole Hope?  Why cut shoe patterns and teach others to sew those patterns for children in Africa?

Along the way, we realized we could not only help African children, but we could help African men and women by teaching them a simple trade—how to make shoes. And so we began. Then we realized we could teach others—homeless, unemployed, recovering addicts, and nonprofits—how to make shoes, so they could earn a decent living and raise funds for their causes. So Sole Hope is touching lives in the U.S. and Africa, and we’re only getting started!

What can you do to help?

Organize a shoe cutting party! Email Ashley@solehope.com for more details on hosting and organizing a party.

Gather materials to help with Sole Hope’s Foot Washing and Jigger Removal efforts. They need:

  • Bar Soap
  • Sharpies
  • Large Safety Pins
  • Surgical Gloves
  • Cotton Balls
  • Medical Razor Blades
  • Medical Tape
  • Antibiotic Cream
  • Gauze
  • Band Aids

Mail them to: Sole Hope, PO Box, 1492, Asheville, NC 28802

Honestly, how much do Cotton Balls or Sharpies or Band Aids cost? This is a low-cost, little effort, but very thoughtful way you can show love to and make a change in the lives of many.