A “Sole-ful” Brunch…a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party

As a Sole Hope Ambassador, I was fortunate to help with a Shoe Cutting Party my friend, Wendy, and a few others were hosting at their church, Westgate Church. A “Sole-ful” Brunch, designed for the women of the congregation, to come together, fill our bellies and hearts, and use our hands for God’s glory. It was a time of rest and a time of service.

After watching the Sole Hope video, Wendy offered words of encouragement to not only listen to what God is telling us He wants us to do, but to also go. And do it! For Asher and Dru Collie, the Sole Hope founders, this meant being profoundly touched by the damage jiggers do to children and the community, and starting Sole Hope to end this plight. This doesn’t mean God wants each of us to start a non-profit, but we need to listen. And go. And do. For His glory.

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church

I am so grateful for the women of Westgate Church. Thanks to their compassion, time and effort, over 60 shoes were cut! 

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church

60 children will be protected from jiggers!

sole hope

Women will have jobs and will be able to support their families, thanks to the women of Westgate Church!

Sole Hope

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Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party with our church family

I have a church crush.

I tell friends (incessantly) and strangers alike about how much I love our church, Grace Chapel. God is alive in this church – in the people, in the worship, in the serving, in the ministries. Want to experience it? Come with me anytime. I’ll save you a seat.

Since Grace is a large church, they encourage deeper relationships through Life Communities. We were able to join one for a few years when the boys were younger, but had to stop when their bedtime changed. So when I heard from our Life Community that they wanted to have a Sole Hope shoe cutting party, I was giddy! Not only do I get to see our church family, but we get to put our hands and hearts to use and create shoes for kids in Uganda!


It was at the end of a very long day, but they showed up. They gave of their time. Their energy. Their financial donations so the women who sew the shoes will be fairly compensated. People stayed late just to make sure we had complete pairs!

We made a goal to complete 10 pairs of shoes in the hour. (Everyone needs a goal, right?) But God is good. We completed 15 pairs! Fifteen children will be protected from jiggers. Women will have jobs and an income to feed and care for their families.

All this in about an hour.

Thank you Sole Hope for delivering these shoe pieces to Uganda. It gives me such great joy to know these shoes will protect children and provide jobs.

Thank you friends for your incredible generosity and hard work.

Want to host a Shoe Cutting Party? Email me (givetodayblog@gmail.com) and I can help get your started!