Be bold in asking. Be bold in giving.

I was a very shy, quiet little girl. My favorite place was clinging to the back of my mom’s leg. As I grew and aged, my voice slowly became a little louder, a little bolder. Fast forward to becoming a Sole Hope Ambassador, finding out that we were to organize and run a Walkathon nearly sent me into a panic. I would have to put myself out there and ask people to join us, for donations, to help. But I did, and they came. They lovingly came, and walked and donated.

When I heard about the devastation to the community in Far Rockaway, NY and how Full Gospel Tabernacle was helping the community, I put out a very simple request to friends to help by donating food pantry items, new toys for the kids for Christmas and monetary donations. And again, for some reason, I felt that uneasiness of reaching out and asking people to help. But again, they lovingly and happily donated.

And look at their generosity! Bags overflowed with new toys for the kids, food, paper products, wipes for their food pantry, and donations that will hopefully help Full Gospel Tabernacle buy a refrigerator and help build an indoor food pantry. I know this shouldn’t surprise me, but I’m amazed by the generous and loving hearts of my friends to help strangers in need.

Gifts for Full Gospel Tabernacle, Far Rockaway NYGifts for Full Gospel Tabernacle, Far Rockaway NY

And I’ve learned it’s good to be bold. Be bold in asking. Be bold in giving.

My adopted life verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:19 “Do not quench the Spirit” (or my favorite translation, “Do not put out the Spirit’s fire”). I need constant reminder and reassurance of this. When God calls me to do something, even if it means stepping outside of my comfort zone, when the Holy Spirit puts that fire in my belly, I need to listen. I shouldn’t let my fears of failure, my pride, allow me to quench that fire. The Spirit has equipped me so that I can be bold. And when it’s coming from God, it’s not about me, it’s about Him. So why take it personally? This photo below acts as the wallpaper for my phone, so I’m constantly reminded, Be bold. Do not quench the Spirit’s fire.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-22

Help Full Gospel Tabernacle (Far Rockaway, NY) help their community

Remember Hurricane Sandy? Not that long ago, but for many of us, we’ve moved on. Maybe you lost power, maybe you were unaffected. But we’ve had Halloween, The Election, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc since the storm. Life has continued for many.

But the devastation is still very real.

In the sermon today, our pastor said that besides food and safety, people need to feel a sense of belonging and significance/love. That reminded me of what Full Gospel Tabernacle in Far Rockaway, NY is providing for their community. They are personifying God’s love and building their sense of community by providing food/goods while loving and caring for the needs of their neighbors.

Step 1: Watch this BET video featuring Rev. Vega from Full Gospel Tabernacle. I could not get the video to embed, but you can watch it here. Here are a few of my less than stellar screenshots…(clicking on each image will also launch the video).

Rev. Jorge Vega

This sweet woman is 95 years old, and has been without power since the Hurricane. Thanks to the generous folks of Full Gospel Tabernacle, she has food and blankets to sustain her. And better yet, she has loving church family to check in on her.

Taking “the church” outside the four walls and loving their neighbors. People have generously given, and the church members are working tirelessly to distribute everything to the rest of the community.

Step 2: Monetary donations are needed! Funds are desperately needed to help get Full Gospel’s food pantry up and running. Right now, they are running the food pantry outside so they need money to buy a new refrigerator, cabinets to store food, stock up on food, etc.

Send checks (made out to Full Gospel Tabernacle) to:

Full Gospel Tabernacle
361 Beach 42nd St
Far Rockaway, NY 11691-1208

(718) 327-2221

Step 3: Host a Holiday Drive for Full Gospel Tabernacle and their community

Items needed:

  • New toys: As you stock up on toys for your own children for Christmas, consider buying a few for kids who lost everything. All ages are needed, boys and girls. Dolls, books, backpacks. Nothing violent. And remember that this is a predominantly African-American community, so please attempt to represent the population, especially with doll purchases. Get your kids involved and make cards to go along with each toy purchased. Let the recipients know how much they are loved!
  • Food & Home supplies: Soups, beans, Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Rice, Diapers, wipes, paper towels, etc

If you live in the Boston area, please email me. I will be collecting items to give to Rev. Vega’s family members who will be delivering everything on December 15. Otherwise, mail service is up and running in Far Rockaway, so feel free to mail checks and packages directly to them.

Please help. Your gifts will directly impact a community that is rebuilding.