Make & Give Away: Headbands


You can put a smile on the face of a terminally ill child! Remember Sarah’s guest post about her Little Ladybug Shoppe? She is sharing how she makes the headbands and clip-on accessories that she hands out at local Children’s Hospitals. So now you can make them too and distribute to children at your local hospital! (Please be sure to contact your local organization’s volunteer coordinator before donating.)

These headbands and accessories are easy enough that school-age children can make them, with a little help from an adult. What a great way to teach kids about giving to others! Email me if you are able to participate – we would love to hear about your experience!

From Sarah:

Little Ladybug Shoppe has the unique opportunity to provide handmade hair accessories to young girls diagnosed with terminal illnesses.  It is my hope that this small act of kindness will be a true blessing to them.

I wanted to add my reasoning behind these nylon headbands.  Since the girls who will be receiving these bands have terminal illnesses, I wanted to be considerate of the fact that they might have no hair due to chemo, bruise easily due to medication or treatments, or very sensitive skin due to their specific condition.  I thought the soft nylon bands would be the most comfortable option, and allowing the removable accessories would add some fun and variety.
Thank you so much for your interest in joining Little Ladybug Shoppe‘s mission to bless terminally ill children.  I hope we can be a ray of sunshine to them all.
Below is the tutorial for just the headband.
Supplies needed:
Colored nylons
1″ wide ribbon (color to match the nylons)
Fat quarters
Plain metal alligator clips
Hot glue gun
The band
1. Cut one leg of the pair of nylons and then cut down at the toe so you basically have a “sleeve”.
2. Measure 18″ and trim off any excess fabric.
3. Bring the two ends together and tuck one end inside the other.  Make sure it measures 8.5″ to make a standard child’s size headband.
4. Thread a running stitch to join the two ends together.
5. Pull the thread tightly so the fabric bunches up where you placed your stitch.
6. Wind the thread around the bunch several times and then finish with a couple of finishing knots in the back.
7. Cut a three inch piece of ribbon and use a hot glue gun to secure it around the fabric bunch.  Make sure it is tight, but just loose enough to slip an alligator clip underneath.
Please visit the Little Ladybug Shoppe for the rest of the tutorials. Learn how to make the clip-on accessories: bows, flowers and rosettes!

She Does Justice ~ hope giving, handmade goodness

She Does Justice is an advocate for those who need one. How beautiful is that.

She Does Justic logo

She Does Justice offers gorgeous handmade designs online and selects a cause every month to highlight and donate at least 10% of their profits. The shop is filled with beautiful bracelets, scarves, headbands, hair elastics and prints of biblical verses. The funny thing is that I made a bunch of infinity scarves for friends and family to give as Christmas gifts, so was immediately drawn to the scarves on this site. But I’ll be honest, my beginning sewing skills do not begin to compare to the quality of the scarves on She Does Justice. And they are affordable! Check it out.

She Does Justice peacock scarf  She Does Justice bird scarf  She Does Justice yellow burnout scarf  She Does Justice teardrop scarfShe Does Justice Psalm30_5  She Does Justice purple green scarf

Peacock Infinity Scarf

Birds Drawing Infinity Scarf

Yellow burnout Infinity Scarf

Teardrop Flower Headband

Psalm 30:5 Print

Blessed Bracelet (Silk wrap bracelet with Blessed charm)

The She Does Justice January featured cause is Holy Yoga, a non-profit which combines “world class yoga with a Christ honoring experience that offers an opportunity to believers and non-believers alike to authentically connect with God”. 100% Yoga, 100% Jesus. Love it. And the giving back continues! Holy Yoga is launching their second annual campaign, ONENESS, which supports their Holy Yoga India ministry. Check out the She Does Justice January featured cause page to learn more and watch a video from the Holy Yoga founder.

You could buy one of the She Does Justice infinity scarves, of which 10%+ of the profit is given to Holy Yoga ONENESS campaign, who is giving back to Holy Yoga India, money from which goes towards projects such as buying & distributing blankets for homeless. (For $50, Holy Yoga India can provide 10 blankets.) Be part of this chain of giving and impacting lives worldwide!

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