Follow Along with Fancy Little Things

I’m excited to co-host a follow along for Fancy Little Things. I’m such a fan of the Fancy Little Things (see more posts about them here and here)  – the authors, their hearts, their faith and the community. Take a look, link up and get to know some of these amazing folks!

Welcome to Fancy Little Thing’s Follow Along. We are encouraged by all of you, by the connections you make here in the comments, in our directory, in our community, in our Gal Groups and now —>> we can connect on Social Media outside of this website.

This week we’ll be linking up our Facebook & Twitter profiles. And, we have a few co-hosts —

Christie from Satisfaction Through Christ

Heather from It’s A Long Story

Shasta from LinkyHere

Claire from A Little Claireification


Ginger from Lets Give Today

Make sure you stop by and say “Hi” to each of them; they’re a great group of ladies! 🙂

Ok, onto the fun stuff!

1: Follow us on TWITTER or FACEBOOK! Both would be just lovely!

2: LINK UP! Please note – we have (2) link-ups down below.. one is for Facebook, one is for Twitter! Link appropriately please!!

—>> Link up by following two EASY steps!

Step #1: Fill out the “submission” form below & enter your PROFILE URL into the “URL” section.

Step #2: On the next screen, select “Upload from Computer” and choose your image to upload.

3: Follow along with the co-hosts and at least 5 others.

4. Share our Follow Along! Please tweet: “Follow Along Party with @FancyLilThings today at” or you can always tell your lovely Facebook followers too!

BONUS: Are you interested in co-hosting one a future Follow Along? Contact us with details about you & your blog and we might just choose you!!


Influence…Making my online life mean something


The Influence Network was launched in January and it is already one of my favorite online spots. These women (yes, I’ll generalize for a sec) are real, genuine, creative, Christian bloggers. To continue with the growth and depth of the community, I’m linking up with all these lovely ladies. I look forward to meeting you all at the next Influence Conference!

influence linkup photo

Looking for a photo made me realize that there are no photos of me. Except for this one. And what I love about it is that it’s from a surprise 10th anniversary trip my husband planned for us in Napa. (No small thing coming from Boston and finding childcare for triplets.) Drinking champagne at Mustards, with my love. Heaven.

influence linkup 3

1I met God. During an emergency surgery after the birth of my triplets after my health began to fail, I was surrounded by pure white and His complete joy and peace. It was like a giant hug from God and the most amazing experience of my life. Read more about it here.

2I’m allergic to most raw fruits. Unhelpful when dieting or walking through New England apple orchards.

3God uses me to connect people. I can be chatting with someone about a need, problem, whatever and He will bring to mind a different friend, acquaintance, resource that can help. It brings such joy and gives me goosebumps every time. I can’t force these situations, so I’ve started praying every day that God use me to connect people to others that can fill their needs, give wisdom, whatever it is. Since we’re all part of One Body, I feel like I must be a ligament or synapse.

influence linkup gained

Community. Wisdom. When I first started this blog journey last summer, I was really put-off by the networks that asked everyone to play these games of commenting on each other’s posts and clicking on their links. Not because they were genuinely interested, but just for numbers and page views.  I was looking for genuine people, genuine community. So when I came across the folks that the Influence Network attracted, I knew immediately that these were my people, my sisters in Christ.