Hide & Seek Hearts. For you, from us.

Remember back when the boys made all of those clay hearts? We brainstormed different ways we can distribute these little gifts, and to whom we should give them. I will be honest about my gang – they are imps. So it is only fitting that we decided to hide them all over town (and really, everywhere we go), so that friends and strangers alike can find them.

Well, we finally got around to putting them into gift packages. (A week of vacation and a week of vacation recovery kind of delayed everything.) I whipped up a little note and the boys took care of assembling everything.

Why are giving these little nothings away? Just because. How fun would that be to find one? It’s a little reminder to the recipient that they are loved. They are loved by their family. They are loved by friends. But most importantly, they are loved by their Father God.

The final product. Be on the lookout! They may show up in your home, the grocery store, the post office, on your car. As a very wise Peter Brady once said, “Expect it when you least expect it.” And know that you are loved.

Teaching children to give?

How should I teach my children to give, to teach them a servant’s heart? I have no idea. I am spending time trying to plan out activities this summer that allow us to serve others. But how much can (almost) 5 year olds get? How much can they do?

We’ll soon find out. We will have to learn by trial and error.

In the meantime, the boys and I piled up on the daybed this morning to try to brainstorm ideas of things we could make and give away to strangers. Below is a preview!

While we were rolling the clay, I asked the boys why we should love other people, including strangers. One said quietly¬† “because Jesus tells us to. And he also tells us to give.” Mind blown. There is such joy in my heart! (Keep in mind, the other two were busy telling potty jokes while this was going on…)

We are excited to get started with our plan to give these away, but still have a few things to do. My boys are imps (they get it from me), so our method for distributing will be fitting.

Stay tuned!