Teaching kids to Share, Save & Spend

Do you give away 1/3 of your income?

Can you imagine all the good that would happen if you did? (I know, I know, foreclosure on your house and inability to pay bills is not what qualifies as “good”…)

Our triplets turn 5 today (which still amazes me) and one gift they will each receive is a Moonjar. We are hoping to teach our children about money (how to think about it, how to be generous, how to share) by using the Moonjar. This modern day piggy bank contains three separate sections: Save, Spend and Share.

(source Moonjar.com)

What a great way to teach kids that if they receive or make money, they will get to save 1/3 of it, spend 1/3 of it and share 1/3 of it with church or a charity of their choice.

Spending money? No one needs to teach children (or adults for that matter) to spend money.

Why should we teach children to share their hard-earned lemonade stand money? It is important for children to know that what they have is a blessing from God. And He does not give it to us to hoard or spend recklessly. He wants us to bless others with His money. And what a great activity to be able to sit down with our kids to talk about how they can bless others!

Why should we teach children to save? It is important to learn to delay gratification and differentiate between needs and wants. Do they really neeeeeeeed that toy or lollipop or whatever? Probably not.

Will our 5 year olds really “get” these lessons? Probably not. But they never will if we don’t introduce it. We’ll see how it goes!