Make because She’s Worth It Campaign

Shes Worth It Campaign
Remember my friend Andrea, who’s girls were raising money for a safe home and care for orphans? (As an aside, I wrote that post back in June and the girls have already reached their goal! You can learn more about Andrea at her sites:  The Train to Crazy and Go To Patterns.)

She is now raising awareness and money to end human trafficking in partnership with the She’s Worth it Campaign. >>> Read her full post here.

Per LAUGH brand clothing, a huge supporter to end human trafficking,  an estimated two children are trafficked every minute worldwide. This is frightening and horrific. I may not be able to rescue those enslaved, but I can help encourage those that have been set free and let them know how much they are loved. But how?

In addition to raising money for two projects (see below), she and a team of folks are making bracelets and zippered pouches for women and girls who have been rescued from the sex trade. And best of all, they want you to join in!

So we’re asking YOU to join us. Will you make a bracelet or a zippered pouch for a girl in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Amsterdam or even the United States? We’ll be distributing them through many organizations that work directly with women and girls fresh out of the sex trade in desperate need of love and healing.

The Train to Crazy, Make because She’s Worth It!

Give Time

How can you help? Make!

Host a She’s Worth It Party to make bracelets or pouches with your friends, church family, girl scouts, etc. Or work on one while you watch The Bachelor. Don’t know where to begin? Tutorials will be posted on The Train to Crazy next week in case you need project ideas. The whole point is to make something for someone else, so they know they are loved. What a beautiful gift!

Email thetraintocrazy (at) gmail (dot) com for more information. She will send you details, including the address to mail you completed projects. Andrea will collect the bracelets and pouches and will mail them to She’s Worth It. Some will be hand-delivered in Cambodia in May, and the rest will be distributed by other organizations in partnership by She’s Worth It.

Are you a blogger? Write a tutorial for your bracelet or pouch and link up with The Train to Crazy.

Join Andrea, Bev, Jess, Jess, and Vanessa!

Bev from Flamingo Toes
Jess from If Only They Would Nap
Jess from Me Sew Crazy
Vanessa from Designs by Sessa

Give Money

From The Train to Crazy…

Along with the bracelets and zipper pouches, we’re also asking that you donate $10. Just $10. Your $10 will be helping fund two projects we fully believe in. (If you can’t donate, we’d still love for you to make something!)

  1. Father’s House: a safe house for children in Cambodia who are at risk for being trafficked. This home is run by In His Steps International. You can read more about it here.
  2. The Sewing Project: we’ll be raising money for a group of mothers in an Indian village who have been freed from the sex industry and are learning sewing as a trade! The funds will also help hire a social worker to help them with them with rehabilitation. This project is run by Indian Rescue Mission.

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Online fundraising for Team MAKE raising money for She's Worth It!

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Give Love
Pray for the women and girls who are trapped as slaves in the sex trade.

Pray for the women and girls who are rescued from human trafficking, as they heal and rebuild their lives.

Pray for those who are actively working to rescue slaves, such as International Justice Mission.

Pray that those who are enslaving others are convicted by their actions and repent.