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Friends, can we all come together an help an old friend from high school? Kate is a 38 year old mom to a 5 year old girl, friend to many. Only she is living the unthinkable.

“The thing that gets me is I’m 38 years old. I’m healthy. I have a healthy weight, I’m a healthy eater. And in just one day … poof.”


From Team Kate Fundraiser

In June of 2013 Kate felt a little off, a little fuzzy. She was concerned enough about the way she was feeling to have a friend drive her to the ER. Once there, the Doctors could find nothing wrong, and she was sent home. Soon thereafter, she found herself waking up on the kitchen floor alone. She later found out it was a seizure that caused her to black out and fall. This scare prompted her to, once again, take a trip to the hospital. It was this hospital visit where the Doctors realized something was really wrong.

Kate endured a spinal tap, CT scans, MRI’s and countless other tests to find out she needed a brain biopsy.  The results of this biopsy confirmed something none of us wanted to hear. Kate was officially diagnosed with a malignant, grade II, astrocytoma brain tumor contained in the left frontal and temporal lobes. The doctors told her the tumor, which is the size of a plum, had infiltrated her brain with a growth rate at 8-10%.

This part gives me goosebumps. Though the powers of Facebook, Kate reconnected with our fellow classmate, Lisa, who just happens to be a nurse practitioner for the Center for Neuro-Oncology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, here in Boston. As a result, Dana Farber doctors have been able to work with her doctors in Florida, determining the best course of action. (Here’s their full story from our local paper. Remember the Sudbury Mafia? See, we’re everywhere…)

Here’s how you can help:

Give Money

Kate has not been able to work since June. Besides the usual bills, let’s help with medical bills. A single mom, unable to work, she is now on Medicaid, which does not cover many of her medical expenses. Let’s help her fly to Boston for future testing and possible surgery. Even just $5 helps. Make a donation on the Team Kate Fundraiser page.

Online gift cards to help care for her family are also a huge help: Whole Foods, Target, Publix. Send them directly to Kate:

Give Love

Head over to Facebook and like Team Kate. Follow her story. Genuinely pray for her, for health, for her daughter, for the wisdom of the doctors. Help ease any burdens. Encourage. Connect. Give Love.

Care packages, Wounded Warriors & the Sudbury Mafia

Our troops have been on my mind ever since seeing the latest Living Social coupon. For $25, the USO will send care packages overseas, a package that is normally provided with a $50 donation. Oh and hey, they are throwing in a t-shirt. Who doesn’t like a t-shirt. (I’ll save my rant, I mean feelings about this trend that the giver must get something in return for their gift, for another day.) But t-shirt or not, I’m intrigued that a charity has entered the online deal playground. Learn more about the deal, but hurry since it is only around for a few more days.


And just last night, my husband was telling me about how his colleague, who lives in my old hometown of Sudbury, started  a Wounded Warrior Project event. (My husband refers to everyone from the town as the Sudbury Mafia, since to him, “we’re everywhere”. And it’s a small town. And it’s true. I once ran into a guy I knew from high school in the middle of the outback in Australia. We’re in your businesses and schools, we’re married to people you know, we’re sitting next to you on the airplane. We’re everywhere…)

Check them out: Sudbury for Wounded Warriors. All proceeds from this golf tournament go directly to the Wounded Warrior Project, to empower and provide services for wounded soldiers. The organization’s slogan? “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.” My goodness. How does that not hit you right in the heart.

Throw some support their way, even if you can’t hit a golf ball.