Daily Advent Gift: Day 5

DailyGiftDay5You know I love Sole Hope. I’ve been a Sole Hope Advocate for a year and half and it brings me such joy to host shoe cutting parties & help spread the word about this organization. Why the love? Sole Hope offers Hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief.

They are living in Uganda, removing jiggers infested in the feet of children by hand, washing the feet of the infected and then providing them with free shoes. And these shoes originate with you and me, at these shoe cutting parties. The shoe patterns are then sent to Uganda where Sole Hope employs people to sew the shoes: providing jobs, empowering lives.

The cost of sponsoring one pair of shoes is $10. Please consider donating!

Sole Hope Donation Page

Help send my friend to Uganda! {Chrome Buffalo}

Sole Hope Ambassadors were invited to Uganda this summer, to help distribute the shoes, meet the shoe makers, remove jiggers, etc. Unfortunately, I am unable to make it, but I’m hoping we can all join forces and help send my fellow Sole Hope friend, Ashley!

Ashley has partnered with Chrome Buffalo to help raise funds for the trip. Chrome Buffalo, founded by the great folks from Light Gives Heat, is an online crowd funding platform that allows anyone looking to raising money to create a fundraising drive. They then select a t-shirt design, each which sells for $22. But the best part is that the participant receives $11 of the $22! And you get a great t-shirt. Along with the pleasure of helping someone out.

So here’s the only problem. I’m really late on this! We were frolicking on vacation last week, and now Ashley only has 2 days left of her drive. So drop what you’re doing, unless it is feeding a baby. And head over to Ashley’s fundraising page on Chrome Buffalo.


From Ashely…

I will be traveling to Uganda, Africa for 15 days in July! I will be working with Sole Hope doing jigger removals, foot washing, shoe distribution, and working with the shoe makers. My work with Sole Hope has been extremely rewarding over the past two years, and I can only imagine how my heart will feel finally being in Jinja, Uganda with the shoemakers and children that I have loved from afar for so long. This will also be a very personal trip, as my sons had jiggers when they were growing up. Although I wasn’t able to be there to comfort my sons, I consider myself very blessed to be able to comfort their children during this painful experience. You can watch a video of my son Blake talking about jiggers here: http://youtu.be/vZIgoEqvG0o I know from my travels to Africa three years ago that this trip will forever change me for the good. My trip will cost $3,500 and I want to thank you for partnering with myself and Sole Hope to make this trip a reality!

Drink coffee, Give clean water {Three Avocados Coffee}

Three Avocados, letsgivetoday.com

Three Avocados

With almost 1 Billion people worldwide lacking access to clean, safe, drinking water, our primary goal at Three Avocados is to provide funding for clean water projects. 100% of the net proceeds from Three Avocados coffee provide clean water in Uganda, Africa. In addition to saving thousands of lives, clean water has the power to provide hope.

from ThreeAvocados.org

Net proceeds from Three Avocados that goes towards clean water? 100%

Total lives impacted so far? 16,318


Why clean water wells?

  • 1 Billion people lack access to clean water.
  • 63 children die in Uganda each day from lack of clean water.
  • A four mile walk to water.
  • Water is hope.

Read more about it: Three Avocados Why Water?

That statistic about 63 children dying every single day in Uganda breaks my heart. These are the same children we are trying to protect from jiggers through Sole Hope. Heartbreaking. But we can help!

How do they provide clean water? Each month, Three Avocados sponsors and builds a new well. (Here is a full list for 2012.) The December 2012 water project was for Aradyang:

Three Avocados Apolika

Aradyang is located in the Apac District of Uganda. This well now provides clean water to approximately 1,164 adults and children. The previous water source was a borehole (well), almost 2 miles away. This new water source now provides clean drinking water in their village, allowing more time for children to attend school!

Three Avocados Water Projects 2012

How you can help?  Shop Three Avocados Coffee!

Three Avocados Give Today

Fancy Little Things + Sole Hope

I am so excited to help announce this collaboration…


Fancy Little Things is showing love to Sole Hope for the next month, by encouraging Shoe Cutting Parties, donations, prayers, etc. Head over to Fancy Little Things to read the full post (by yours truly!) and see how you can join in.

Don’t forget to join the Fancy Little Things Community and introduce yourself! We want to get to know everyone who is hosting parties!

I have more posts about Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Parties (and other Giving Parties). Check them out!

Sole Hope

Good Little Things doing a great, big thing

You know my love of Sole Hope by now, right?

A fantastic etsy shop, Good Little Things, created this beautiful leather flower ring ($20). For every sale of this ring, Good Little Things is generously giving $10 directly to Sole Hope!

Good Little Things etsy Sole Hope ring

$10 sponsors a pair of shoes for a child in Uganda.

$10 helps prevent painful jigger infestations in their feet.

$10 helps pay a fair wage to a local Ugandan to sew the shoes.

Good Little Things etsy Sole Hope ring

For $20, you will receive this great ring, and help sponsor a pair of shoes for a child in Uganda. Remember all of the shoe patterns that have been cut at the Shoe Cutting Parties? Each one needs to be sponsored. You can help with the purchase of this ring!

To purchase, and help support Sole Hope, visit the Good Little Things Etsy shop.

Psst, I have more posts about Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Parties…have a look! 


A “Sole-ful” Brunch…a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party

As a Sole Hope Ambassador, I was fortunate to help with a Shoe Cutting Party my friend, Wendy, and a few others were hosting at their church, Westgate Church. A “Sole-ful” Brunch, designed for the women of the congregation, to come together, fill our bellies and hearts, and use our hands for God’s glory. It was a time of rest and a time of service.

After watching the Sole Hope video, Wendy offered words of encouragement to not only listen to what God is telling us He wants us to do, but to also go. And do it! For Asher and Dru Collie, the Sole Hope founders, this meant being profoundly touched by the damage jiggers do to children and the community, and starting Sole Hope to end this plight. This doesn’t mean God wants each of us to start a non-profit, but we need to listen. And go. And do. For His glory.

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church

I am so grateful for the women of Westgate Church. Thanks to their compassion, time and effort, over 60 shoes were cut! 

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party - Westgate Church

60 children will be protected from jiggers!

sole hope

Women will have jobs and will be able to support their families, thanks to the women of Westgate Church!

Sole Hope

Psst, I have more posts about Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Parties…have a look! And see how you can host your own Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party…


Shop with your Heart Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry

This holiday season, you can purchase gifts from the mall. Or you can support organizations that are working with artisans worldwide and are changing the world with every purchase.

1 – Light Give Heat, 2:Toned Sunset Necklace or purchase from Roozt
Why? Light Gives Heat works to create world-changing opportunities in both Africa and America. In Uganda, they partner with local Artisans to create consistent incomes where there once was none.

2 – Noonday, Ripple Bangles
Why? The passion at Noonday Collection is to connect you with the lives of artisans struggling for a better future while styling you along the way. Their artisans span the world, including Uganda, India, Ecuador, the US, among others. They also help families raise money for their own adoptions by giving 10% of trunk show sales directly to the adoptive family when they host one.

3 – Noonday, Evening Horizon Necklace

4 – Noonday, Cut Lace Earrings

5 – Epic Timepieces, The Catalyst Droplet in Plum
Why? For every Epic timepiece sold, Epic will provide clean drinking water for an individual in a developing country for an entire year through the distribution of ceramic water filters. The water filters that Epic distributes are capable of eliminating 13 diseases, thus making their current water source drinkable.

6 – Noonday, Half Moon Necklace

7 – Rural Revolution, Loyola Necklace or purchase from Roozt
Why? As a company, Rural Revolution believes in the power of employment and self-expression as a means for women to help sustain themselves and their communities culturally, economically, and physically. Each sale from our NOLA collection goes back into the Redeemer Presbyterian Rebuilding Fund of New Orleans.  Over 500 post Katrina homes have benefited from this fund and over 3,000 volunteers have donated their time and skills.

8 –Rural Revolution, Nina: Set of 3 Wood and Gold Bangles
Why? These bracelets are handcrafted from locally sourced woods and leathers by marginalized Muslim women in Northern India and designed by our partners at Raven + Lily. Proceeds from this collection go to fund literacy programs for the women artisans and their children in the community.

*I highly recommend joining Roozt (it’s as simple as putting in your email and making up a password). Joining will not only feed a child, but they sell some of the products above at a discounted member price.