Daily Advent Gift: Day 9


Today the boys and I have started filling a cup. The contents of which we are going to donate to World Food Program. Had I planned ahead, I would have ordered a World Food Program Red Cup for the occasion. But I’m sticking with “it’s the thought that counts”, to make up for my lack of planning.

Since 2004, Coins 4 Kids has helped the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) provide over 72,000 school meals to children in nearly 100 schools throughout the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Coins 4 Kids supporters around the country collect bills and change in a red collection cup, modeled after the red cups that WFP fills with nutritious food for these children each day in school.

Every 25 cents you collect in your Coins 4 Kids cup, will feed one hungry child in school for a day. It’s that simple – one quarter, one cup of nutritious food.

World Food Program Coins 4 Kids

BeCause ~ Beautiful Jewelry for a Cause

I received the most wonderful Mother’s Day gifts from my family. Beautiful jewelry from BeCause that provided 66 school meals for children. Sixty-six meals! That’s incredible!


(She even included a note from my boys…so perfect!)


(Let’s just focus on the earrings, and how these provided 33 school meals through WFP,  and not my eye wrinkles…)

Sarah Manthey started BeCause with a heart for giving and a talent for jewelry design. A grant writer for World Food Program USA (WFP USA) and an avid jewelry maker, she combined interests by giving school meals with every purchase. In her own words:
 “After I had been with WFP USA for a few months, I thought that there might be a way to merge two of my passions–handmade jewelry and giving back.  I started brainstorming and came up with the idea of BeCause.  With lots of help and support from my friends and family, I launched my Etsy page (www.etsy.com/shop/smanthey) in November 2012 and then officially launched BeCause in December with a Trunk Show.
With each sale, I donate 15% of the proceeds to fund WFP USA.  I translate each purchase into the amount of school meals that it would provide to give my customers a lasting understanding of the real difference they are helping to make.  As of April 23, 2013, BeCause has provided 1,691 school meals!  This number gives me hope that every piece sold makes a difference because it means another few meals that we can provide–another future we can brighten.”
In just a few months, she has donated around 1700 school meals! That is amazing. And her jewelry is gorgeous and beautifully made. Here are a few beauties, but be sure to check out her entire collection on Etsy!

Impact Foods: changing the world with granola

Buy one bag of Impact Foods granola, feed one child.

I am so inspired by the founders of Impact Foods, Ben Hurt and Blaine Iler. I was honored to chat with Ben about their vision and endeavor at Impact Foods. Not only did I come away from the conversation inspired by their vision for making a lasting impact on world hunger , but I also came away encouraged as a mother. I am beyond excited for them and their journey.

With philanthropic hearts and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ben and Blaine wanted to create a business with a greater cause. After much research, they realized providing a hunger solution created a domino effect by relieving other issues such as health and education (school attendance).

It says a lot about a company to know that their first priority was philanthropy-based and the product came secondary. (That said, their granola is amazing and all natural!)

Their Hunger Strategy is brilliant because it covers the lifespan: infancy through adulthood.

Through our partnership with World Food Program USA, we distribute life-saving nutrition packs to children during the first three years of life, when damage done to the brain by malnutrition is irreversible. Then our school meal programs build on this healthy foundation, which boosts attendance. This helps create productive, healthy adults who can make their own impact in their community – which is the key to ending world hunger.

Impact Foods, About Us

(Source World Food Programme School Meals)

But this does not mean that Ben and Blaine are sitting back in comfy chairs while World Food Program is doing the work. With their initial savings from granola sales, they went to Honduras to personally distribute food. All food purchased was local, in order to help support the community. It was a bittersweet journey as they were joyfully giving, but also experiencing first-hand the overwhelming need. As a result, they knew they needed to grow the business in order to make the impact they wanted to and to help more people.

(Source Impact Foods)

But their impact does not end there. They are not only making a difference internationally, but also locally through donations of time and food to those in need.

So how can you help…